Removing Moles From Face – Your Options

removing moles from face
If you are worried about removing moles from face, there are a variety of options to choose from. The largest majority of people seeking advice on getting rid of skin moles are doing it for cosmetic purposes.

I can’t think of a single reason why people would want to keep their moles, so it usually boils down to not knowing how to remove them, lack of funds to get them removed, or a fear of the process.

Here are some options to consider:



Removing Moles From Face Surgically

The conventional mole removal process involves a visit to your dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, who will generally perform a minor operation to remove it. Sometimes a shaving method is used, or surgical excision is performed, depending on the type of mole you have. With excision stitches are often required to close the wound and some minor post-operative scarring may be evident.

Alternative methods of professional mole removal include cryosurgery (where liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the mole off) or laser surgery (employing a highly targeted light beam to burn away the mole. These latter procedures may require more than one visit to complete the process. They all involve a little physical discomfort which can be combated with pain killers. They also can be quite expensive.

Removing Moles From Face Yourself

There are several options available as an alternative to surgery that can be successfully used at home, involving much less cost than the above procedures, however most of them are not “quick fixes”, often taking several weeks to complete.

Here are some ideas for you to consider and links to more information:

You can use several natural mole removal methods employing different substances often found in the home or that are readily available from your local store, such as:

Removing Moles From Face With Baking Soda

Using the baking soda mole removal method requires little more than regular application of a paste formed with baking soda and water. Gently abrade the mole and apply the paste, keeping it in place with a band-aid overnight and repeating daily will eventually cause the face mole to form a scab and drop off.

Removing Moles From Face With Castor Oil

Oil from the castor oil plant can be applied in a similar fashion to achieve the same result, or you can combine the oil and baking soda to make a more potent formula, which may work a little faster for you.

Removing Mole From Face With Apple Cider Vinegar

The use of apple cider vinegar is also quite well documented for use in removing moles from face. Once again this is easily obtainable from food stores and deli’s. Abrade the mole as before and apply several time a day to achieve the desired effect.

Removing Moles From Face With Tea Tree Oil

Often used as an antiseptic and anti-viral treatment for scratches and insect bites, this Australian oil can perform mole removal duties as well. Simply apply to the mole on a regular basis and observe the changes taking place.

Removing Moles From Face With Onion Juice

Onions can also perform the same task with varieties such as Western Yellow, New York Bold and shallots being the most potent. Use freshly squeezed juice of a strong onion, which can easily be produced in your home kitchen, or it may also be possible to buy onion juice in your local food store, depending on where you live.

All of these natural mole removal techniques work, but if you are in a hurry or do not want the problem of a rather unsightly mole scab on your face for weeks, you can still remove moles at home with a commercial mole removal cream. The best one, in my experience is Dermatend. This is produced in the USA, but can be shipped worldwide for those who need it.

Removing Moles From Face With Dermatend

natural mole removal system
Dermatend is a natural product that completes the task of removing moles, skin-tags and even warts, quickly and efficiently, usually within days of original application. You need not be worried about it working for you as they have thousands of satisfied customers globally and they offer a 60 day money back guarantee too.


Whatever choice you take when removing moles from face you can achieve it without fear.

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Onion Juice Mole Removal

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The Onion Juice Mole Removal Method

The idea for onion juice mole removal stems from the research carried out on the cancer fighting properties of onions and shallots.

Medical researchers discovered that the powerful antioxidant properties in strong onions can kill some cancer cells, especially liver and colon cancer cells, when eaten.

The best results were produced from varieties such as Western Yellow, New York Bold and shallots. So it was not unreasonable to assume that the onion juice mole removal system would work, using the same or similar strength onions.

Just like many, readily available, vegetables, onions were known to have many excellent health benefits, and studies have indicated that you can get rid of your skin moles by applying the juice of an onion directly onto them at regular intervals throughout the day.

Applying The Onion Juice Mole Removal System

This natural mole removal process requires the freshly squeezed juice of a strong onion, which can easily be produced in your home kitchen. It may also be possible to buy onion juice in your local food store, depending on where you live.

If you need to produce your own, then simply slicing and dicing an onion and blending it will produce plenty for your needs. Keep it in the refrigerator for a few days, using it two or three times daily before replacing with fresh juice and continuing the treatment. Onion juice is extremely strong and a little goes a long way.

Just a few drops applied directly to the mole, using a Q-tip or similar cotton bud will be sufficient to begin the onion juice removal process. It may be necessary to abrade the surface of the mole slightly to allow the onion juice to penetrate. Try to keep the onion juice off the surrounding skin to prevent any negative reaction. Few people have an allergy to onions, but it is always best practice to test it on your skin for twenty-four hours first, just to make sure you have no issues.

The Benefits of Onion Juice Mole Removal

There are many benefits when it comes to onion juice mole removal. There is little likelihood of scarring or infection as there will be no incision required and therefore no wound to heal. A little local sensitivity will be experienced and the mole site would benefit from sun protection for a few weeks.

Additionally this onion juice mole removal method is inexpensive (costs almost nothing), when compared to mole removal surgery.



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Mole Removal Cost Breakdown

Mole Removal CostMole removal cost figures highly in people’s minds. It’s not in everyone’s budget to pay for expensive treatments and there are few cases where mole removal is covered by medical insurance. If you have a mole that is causing you medical concern then you should be able to claim, but for cosmetic mole removal, you have little option but to pay. So what are your options for removing moles ?

Surgical Mole Removal Cost And Risks

Surgical mole removal is probably the first option that springs to mind and your doctor can refer you to a suitable dermatologist for an assessment and a mole removal cost quotation. Costs for surgical mole removal range between $125 and $500 depending on your locality.

The risks involved in surgical mole removal procedures are infection and post operative scarring. If you note the image on the left, you will see that surgical mole removal is rather invasive and the potential of scarring is a real possibility. In some cases it is possible to “shave” the mole, which is obviously less invasive and less likely to leave a scar. If the mole is not facial, then a degree of scarring may be acceptable, to eliminate your moles.

Laser Mole Removal Cost And Risks

Laser mole removal is another option open to you. Costs are likely to be similar to surgical mole removal, but may be higher in some cases where repeat visits are required. Depending on the size and type of mole you are trying to remove, it may be necessary to do it in stages and costs may then rise. Also laser mole removal is not always a suitable option. Consult you dermatologist before proceeding.

Home Mole Removal Cost And Risk

Removing moles at home is a very real possibility, but only for cosmetic reasons. Always consult your doctor if you have a mole that is changing in any way as it may have the potential to become malignant.

The methods for home mole removal are well documented on this site and the following options are available:

As you would expect, home mole removal costs are minimal, as readily available household ingredients are used. The reported success rates for all of the above methods varies between individuals, but many people do report good results. The downside to using these methods is generally the timescale, with anything from three to six weeks being required to completely remove a mole. Additionally some people are wary of “attacking” their skin moles with such homemade concoctions.

Creams Mole Removal Cost And Risk

Using some of the mole removal creams on the market is a great choice for many, with excellent results reported. Once again, only to be used for non-medical mole removal where the mole is benign and is not causing you any medical concern. The mole removal cost for creams range from $40 upwards for a course of treatment, but can be as little as $3 a mole. Some of them (like Dematend) come with a 60 day money back guarantee, which makes using a mole removal cream my preferred option.

You may like to take a look at my mole removal cream review when considering your mole removal cost options.

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Castor Oil Mole Removal

Castor Oil Mole Removal

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Castor oil mole removal is a well established method of removing moles yourself and avoiding costly surgical procedures. Using the castor oil mole removal technique can often turn out to be the most effective way of getting rid of your moles without leaving a surgical scar.

The obvious mole removal procedure is via a dermatologist who prescribes some form of invasive medical procedure usually involving one of the following:

Undoubtedly all of these procedures work, but can be expensive and although results are generally good, there is always the risk of scarring. This may or may not disappear totally over time. If it is not a facial procedure then a small scar is less significant, but a permanent facial scar can be difficult to conceal. There is also a slight chance of infection where the skin is broken.

When carrying out castor oil mole removal, (or any other natural mole removal) it is best to do an allergy test on an area away from the mole and leave for 24 hours to observe any potential allergic reaction to the oil.

The Procedure For Castor Oil Mole Removal

Using the caster oil mole removal system is straightforward. Apply the oil directly to the mole using a cotton bud, avoiding the surrounding skin. You will need to repeat this process 2 to 4 times each day for a period of a few weeks to get rid of your skin mole completely.

Over this time you will observe changes taking place. This could involve your mole shrinking, growing, irritating a bit, but should not be painful. I suggest wearing a band-aid when required, especially at night to keep the castor oil on the mole and not on your pillow.

Allow air to get to the mole by removing the band-aid from time to time and to give the surrounding area time to recover.

Baking Soda & Castor Oil Removal

As an alternative to just using castor oil, you can mix it into a paste with baking soda and apply that instead. Some people report better results with this combination procedure.


The procedure is very similar to the castor oil mole removal system, except you end up with a paste to apply rather than an oil, which is a little easier to use. This should be gently washed off each night and fresh paste reapplied.

As always it is important to assess your moles prior to trying any home remedies or removal methods. If your moles look abnormal, itch, bleed, or you have noticed any changes recently, consult you doctor or dermatologist before proceeding with the castor oil mole removal method.

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Is Natural Mole Removal Really Possible?

natural mole removal system
Natural Mole RemovalThe idea of simply removing your moles in the comfort of your own home sounds too good to be true, but natural mole removal is possible. Before you rush to the chemical cupboard or knife drawer, here are some stark warnings.

If you have any serious concerns about your mole, always consult your doctor or dermatologist first. If it is itching, bleeding, growing or there has been some notable change, it is important to get it checked out professionally.

Secondly, under no circumstances do you start attacking your mole with sharp blades – that is absolutely the wrong approach and will only lead to seeing more of your own blood than you would like. There is also a high risk of infection and almost certain scarring, so DON’T DO IT!

Natural Mole Removal Using Household Ingredients

There are several routes to natural mole removal that can work for you, that involve concocting creams or lotions from readily available household ingredients. Not all of the recipes for removing moles work for everyone, so it can require a bit of trial and error until you find one that works for you. Some may just lighten your mole or reduce its overall size without eradicating it. Others should dry up your mole until it turns black before it drops off. The timescale may be in days or up to 3 weeks, in which time you may feel you have made the wrong choice.

Common Products Used For Natural Mole Removal

Here are some alternative mole removal suggestions:

Natural Mole Removal Books

If you feel you need step-by-step guidance from someone who has solved their own mole problem using natural mole removal, then I can recommend a book entitled:

Moles Warts Skin Tag Removal

The author has personal experience and addresses how to deal with moles etc. He guides you through the natural mole removal process using common household products, with step-by-step instructions and photographs, in a very reassuring manner.

Check it out here….

Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal

This well written book may be just what you need as it is full of tips and advice on dealing with various types of mole, skin tags and warts, without the need for surgical intervention.

Natural Mole Removal Using Over-The Counter Creams

There are several brands of natural mole removal creams available and they all claim to be your dream solution to your mole removal problem. Generally they are not cheap, although cost much less than surgical removal. Before purchasing, do your research and look for reviews, both positive and negative, before parting with your hard earned cash. Look for products that offer a money back guarantee if they fail to work for you.

If you decide to try a mole removal cream, I can recommend Dermatend as being the most effective one I tried.

Mole Removal Cream

Whatever approach you take to getting rid of moles, take great care, especially if they are in visible areas. If in any doubt, consult a dermatologist for advice before using any natural mole removal or even laser mole removal methods.

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