Freezing Moles – The Correct Approach

Freezing MolesOne method of removing moles is cryogenic surgery (also known as cryosurgery or cryotherapy), which is a process of freezing moles using liquid nitrogen. Before we go any further it is important to note that freezing moles in not an option you should attempt as a natural mole removal method at home. Liquid nitrogen is extremely dangerous, with a temperature of minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit it is cold enough to destroy human tissue instantly, so needs professional handling.

Freezing Moles Technique

The concept of freezing moles using cryotherapy is for your dermatologist to apply liquid nitrogen to the area by injection, with a cotton swab or spray device depending on the type size of the mole. This need to be precise to minimize damage to surrounding skin cells. It is important to recognize that this process is designed to destroy tissue. This is not the same as a topical (local) anesthetic where an area is numbed prior to surgery. Ice crystals then form within the mole breaking up the tissue cells.

Freezing Moles Benefits

Using cryotherapy for mole removal is a less invasive procedure than conventional surgical removal, where the mole is cut out and there is a greater potential for infection and post-operative scarring. It can also generally be performed at a lower cost than surgical mole removal, and recovery times are faster. It is also a much simpler procedure and and often the preferred option when available.

Freezing Moles Limitations

This method may not be suitable for all types of moles, especially some large flat moles. However cryosurgery is used as an internal procedure for killing cancer tumors and therefore may also be suitable in certain cases for the removal of cancerous moles, which generally need surgical excision to ensure all malignancy is removed.

Freezing Moles Post Operative Care

Following cryogenic mole removal, a degree of redness may be experienced and some minor localized discomfort may be felt. Pain relief may be required in the short term. In some cases blistering may occur, in which case they need to be left to heal without further intervention, other than keeping the area clean and free from infection.

Other Cosmetic Mole Removal Options

Here are some alternative suggestions for cosmetic mole removal.

It is possible to use any of the above methods to remove your skin moles as an alternative option to freezing moles.

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