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dermatend skin tag removalDermatend is a mole and skin tag removal cream that claims to be the preferred option for those wanting a clear, unspoilt skin. There is considerable interest in this kind of product as removing moles without surgery has an obvious appeal. Who wouldn’t prefer the option of safely removing moles in their own home at considerably less cost than visiting a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Let’s face it they don’t come cheap.

The big question of course is “does Dermatend work”?

There are many alternative home remedies for mole removal such as:

All of these home remedies have been successfully employed to remove moles from various parts of the anatomy, including the face. The concept is to irritate the mole with one of these substances and trigger an immune system reaction at the site of the mole. With regular application the mole scabs over any eventually drops off.

Unfortunately it can be a rather protracted process, sometimes taking several weeks before the removal is complete and you are left with a slightly reddened but otherwise scar free area of skin where the mole had been. This soon fades to blend in, but needs some protection from the elements until fully acclimatized.

Dermatend Reviews

If these home remedies work, why pay for a mole removal cream like Dermatend?

Well, not everyone has the time to wait for these home remedies to work, or maybe they are a little apprehensive about applying them as they are unsure of the end result. Nobody want to end up scarred by their home experimentation, especially when it come to the face. On the other hand, surgical mole removal is out of many people’s reach.

This is the reason people opt for Dermatend. With so may Dermatend reviews and testimonials on their website from satisfied customers all over the world, it’s easy to make the obvious choice. Here is just one of the many dermatend reviews from satisfied customers.

dermatend reviewed

Dermatend Fast Action Mole Removal

Instead of having the protracted treatment period of weeks or even months using the home remedy route, people are reporting success in as little as 3 days. When you combine the speed of mole, skin tag and wart removal with their 60 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee you can understand why so many people buy Dermatend. They also sell extra strength Dermatend and offer Dermatend Healing Balm for after care.

does dermatend work

One question I see asked on the internet “Is Dermatend A Scam”?

All I can say in response to that is, it works and has removed over 250,000 moles around the world to date. What other company will offer a cast-iron guarantee like this and will even refund if you send the empty tube back!

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Dermatend Frequently Asked Questions

Dermatend Mole Removal Cream

Q. Does Dermatend really work on all types of moles?

A. Dermatend will work on all types of non-cancerous moles. When treating a raised mole it is essential to follow the correct procedure to obtain the best result. For the cream to fully penetrate the mole you should carry out a full pretreatment of the mole. Bathe the mole with warm water then use a pumice stone or emery board to abrade the full surface of the mole. Wash with warm soap and water then dry off before applying Dermatend cream, then cover with a band-aid to protect the area.

Q. How long will it take to to work?

A. Everybody reacts differently to the treatment due to your immune system sensitivity. It can be as little as 3 days or it may take 3 to 4 weeks for the mole to react, scab over and drop off. Failure can be avoided by regular and persistent treatment. For best results daily application is essential until the reaction is observed. Dermatend comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so use it.

Q. How can a cream remove moles?

A. Dermatend mole remover contains plant derived alkaloids that work in conjunction with your immune system to destroy the mole tissue while leaving the good skin tissue surrounding the mole unharmed. The alkaloids stimulate the body’s white blood cells to reduce the mole to skin level and start the healing process. A scab forms naturally as part of the healing process, before dropping off to reveal new healthy skin beneath.

Q. What about scars?

A. The way Dermatend works requires no cutting, burning or freezing and therefore requires far less healing. The chances of scarring are minimal at less than 1%. Do bear in mind that the new skin exposed once the mole has dropped off will be sensitive and will take time to re-acclimatize, so it needs protection from exposure to both strong sunlight and severe cold. Consider affording this additional protection for an additional 4 weeks.

Q. What if it doesn’t work?

A. Dermatend will work, providing you follow the instructions. As stated previously, the timescale is generally between 3 days and 3 weeks depending on the reaction of your immune system to the treatment. Persevere and you will succeed in removing your moles.

Q. Does Dermatend work on skin tags and warts?

A. Yes DermaTend is sold as a complete Mole Wart & Skin Tag Remover, so you can be assured it will work for you, whichever you suffer from.

dermatend natural mole removal system

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Dermatend Natural Mole Removal Cream

Dermatend Mole Removal CreamThere are many ways to remove moles naturally and they all work to some degree.

Questions About Mole Removal:

  • How much does mole removal cost?
  • Can you really remove moles without surgery?
  • Is it dangerous to remove moles at home?
  • Do mole removal creams work?
  • Which mole removal cream do you recommend
  • Does Dermatend work?

The list of different queries used to reach this site seems endless and clearly indicates people’s concerns and worries about skin moles. It was for this reason I started to answer some of these questions, to help people find a solution to their skin mole problems.

The vast majority of skin moles are harmless blemishes that may bug you, but nothing more. Sure you would like to get rid of them, who wouldn’t? They’re not exactly attractive and they do represent a potential risk of turning malignant (cancerous) when exposed to sunlight. Yes you can get them removed surgically, but that can be expensive and carries a risk of post-operative scarring.

Home Mole Removal Answers

Removing your own moles at home is perfectly possible and can be done for pennies, using any of the natural ways suggested on this site. I guess the downside is that they take time (6 to 9 weeks) to work. The process involves treating the mole with a homemade concoction and repeating the process regularly until the mole scabs over and eventually drops off. If you’ve got the time, the patience and the nerve to go this route then go get started.

Home Mole Removal Using Mole Creams Like Dermatend

If you are keen to get rid of your moles quickly, then using a professional mole removal cream is a better option. They have been formulated by experts to remove those annoying moles in the fastest, most expedient way. I personally tried several before settling for Dermatend as the optimal natural mole removal solution.

To be honest, I tried it on my wife first! It was for a good reason OK. I wanted to observe what happened on a daily basis and she (Sue) had a convenient mole on her back for me to try it on. To cut a long story short – it worked – fast and the Dermatend soon had it scabbing over. After 10 days it dropped off. She was ecstatic.

My next mission (at her request) was to remove a rather three dimensional mole at the side of her right eye. She had lived with it for years, but now it was growing hairs!

It was a bit awkward to treat, being so close to her eye, but to our great relief it’s now history. It took two weeks for the mole to drop off and about another month for the newly exposed skin, where the mole had been, to blend in. My wife did use some of the Dermatend Quick Healing Balm that came as part of the special offer. She is very happy with the result!

Dermatend Conclusion

If you are in a hurry and don’t fancy experimenting with a homemade solution, then Dermatend is a great choice and with their money back guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose, but your moles.

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