Removing Moles From Face – Your Options

removing moles from face
If you are worried about removing moles from face, there are a variety of options to choose from. The largest majority of people seeking advice on getting rid of skin moles are doing it for cosmetic purposes.

I can’t think of a single reason why people would want to keep their moles, so it usually boils down to not knowing how to remove them, lack of funds to get them removed, or a fear of the process.

Here are some options to consider:



Removing Moles From Face Surgically

The conventional mole removal process involves a visit to your dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, who will generally perform a minor operation to remove it. Sometimes a shaving method is used, or surgical excision is performed, depending on the type of mole you have. With excision stitches are often required to close the wound and some minor post-operative scarring may be evident.

Alternative methods of professional mole removal include cryosurgery (where liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the mole off) or laser surgery (employing a highly targeted light beam to burn away the mole. These latter procedures may require more than one visit to complete the process. They all involve a little physical discomfort which can be combated with pain killers. They also can be quite expensive.

Removing Moles From Face Yourself

There are several options available as an alternative to surgery that can be successfully used at home, involving much less cost than the above procedures, however most of them are not “quick fixes”, often taking several weeks to complete.

Here are some ideas for you to consider and links to more information:

You can use several natural mole removal methods employing different substances often found in the home or that are readily available from your local store, such as:

Removing Moles From Face With Baking Soda

Using the baking soda mole removal method requires little more than regular application of a paste formed with baking soda and water. Gently abrade the mole and apply the paste, keeping it in place with a band-aid overnight and repeating daily will eventually cause the face mole to form a scab and drop off.

Removing Moles From Face With Castor Oil

Oil from the castor oil plant can be applied in a similar fashion to achieve the same result, or you can combine the oil and baking soda to make a more potent formula, which may work a little faster for you.

Removing Mole From Face With Apple Cider Vinegar

The use of apple cider vinegar is also quite well documented for use in removing moles from face. Once again this is easily obtainable from food stores and deli’s. Abrade the mole as before and apply several time a day to achieve the desired effect.

Removing Moles From Face With Tea Tree Oil

Often used as an antiseptic and anti-viral treatment for scratches and insect bites, this Australian oil can perform mole removal duties as well. Simply apply to the mole on a regular basis and observe the changes taking place.

Removing Moles From Face With Onion Juice

Onions can also perform the same task with varieties such as Western Yellow, New York Bold and shallots being the most potent. Use freshly squeezed juice of a strong onion, which can easily be produced in your home kitchen, or it may also be possible to buy onion juice in your local food store, depending on where you live.

All of these natural mole removal techniques work, but if you are in a hurry or do not want the problem of a rather unsightly mole scab on your face for weeks, you can still remove moles at home with a commercial mole removal cream. The best one, in my experience is Dermatend. This is produced in the USA, but can be shipped worldwide for those who need it.

Removing Moles From Face With Dermatend

natural mole removal system
Dermatend is a natural product that completes the task of removing moles, skin-tags and even warts, quickly and efficiently, usually within days of original application. You need not be worried about it working for you as they have thousands of satisfied customers globally and they offer a 60 day money back guarantee too.


Whatever choice you take when removing moles from face you can achieve it without fear.

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