Onion Juice Mole Removal

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The Onion Juice Mole Removal Method

The idea for onion juice mole removal stems from the research carried out on the cancer fighting properties of onions and shallots.

Medical researchers discovered that the powerful antioxidant properties in strong onions can kill some cancer cells, especially liver and colon cancer cells, when eaten.

The best results were produced from varieties such as Western Yellow, New York Bold and shallots. So it was not unreasonable to assume that the onion juice mole removal system would work, using the same or similar strength onions.

Just like many, readily available, vegetables, onions were known to have many excellent health benefits, and studies have indicated that you can get rid of your skin moles by applying the juice of an onion directly onto them at regular intervals throughout the day.

Applying The Onion Juice Mole Removal System

This natural mole removal process requires the freshly squeezed juice of a strong onion, which can easily be produced in your home kitchen. It may also be possible to buy onion juice in your local food store, depending on where you live.

If you need to produce your own, then simply slicing and dicing an onion and blending it will produce plenty for your needs. Keep it in the refrigerator for a few days, using it two or three times daily before replacing with fresh juice and continuing the treatment. Onion juice is extremely strong and a little goes a long way.

Just a few drops applied directly to the mole, using a Q-tip or similar cotton bud will be sufficient to begin the onion juice removal process. It may be necessary to abrade the surface of the mole slightly to allow the onion juice to penetrate. Try to keep the onion juice off the surrounding skin to prevent any negative reaction. Few people have an allergy to onions, but it is always best practice to test it on your skin for twenty-four hours first, just to make sure you have no issues.

The Benefits of Onion Juice Mole Removal

There are many benefits when it comes to onion juice mole removal. There is little likelihood of scarring or infection as there will be no incision required and therefore no wound to heal. A little local sensitivity will be experienced and the mole site would benefit from sun protection for a few weeks.

Additionally this onion juice mole removal method is inexpensive (costs almost nothing), when compared to mole removal surgery.



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