Using The Baking Soda Mole Removal System

Baking Soda Mole Removal

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The baking soda mole removal technique is a simple process that can be carried out at home. The principle ingredients are regular baking soda (sometimes labeled sodium bicarbonate or bicarbonate of soda). This is a common food ingredient, so is OK to use on your skin. It has to be baking soda not baking powder.

Do Not Use Caustic Soda

Caustic soda is used for drain cleaning and is a hazardous material that is generally handled with protective gloves and eye wear, that should never come into contact with your skin.

Baking Soda Mole Removal System

For baking soda mole removal you will also need some castor oil, which comes from the seeds of the Castor plant and is readily available at the drug store. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has designated castor oil to be “ generally safe and effective”.

The idea is to mix some of the castor oil with the baking soda to form a paste, which can be applied to the mole at regular intervals. This is generally a fifty-fifty mix to achieve a useable paste. Only a small amount should be made up for each application to keep it clean and fresh.

You will also require an emery board for abrading the mole and a sterile needle. This must be sterilized thoroughly to avoid localized infection. Cleanliness is very important for the baking soda mole removal treatment to work safely.

Baking Soda Mole Removal Procedure

Before proceeding, cleanse the mole and an area around it, then it is necessary for you to break the surface of the mole before applying the baking soda and castor oil paste. This is achieved by making a small opening in the mole with the needle and abrading the surface with the emery board. Do not be too aggressive with this procedure (you do not want to make it bleed), just sufficient abrasion is required for the paste to penetrate the mole.

If you feel a mild stinging sensation after applying the baking soda and castor oil paste, you have successfully started the process. Keep the area covered with a band-aid to ensure the paste remains in contact with the mole and does not get wiped off by bedding or clothing. It will also keep out any potential infection.

Repeat the process daily until you start to observe changes taking place. If the treatment area looks red, don’t worry. This is quite normal and is part of the healing process. You may also see some slight skin discoloration as well, but this will soon fade and your skin will return to normal quite quickly.

If you need more details and advice on the baking soda mole removal system, I can recommend a good book “Moles Warts & Skin Tag Removal”.

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