Discover Your Options For Removing Moles

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There are several approaches to removing moles, some can be expensive, some require a degree of invasive surgery, others use laser surgery or even cryogenics to freeze the mole prior to removal. A third alternative is removing moles yourself at home.

Let us take a closer look at your options for removing moles.

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Removing Moles By Surgery

Surgical mole removal is the most obvious first choice for many people but with cost in the region of $125 to $500 per mole it can become expensive if you have many moles.

The benefits of surgical mole removal include:

  • Medical removal of suspected pre-cancerous moles.
  • Cosmetic removal to improve appearance and self-esteem.
  • Removing raised moles that get damaged when shaving.
  • Alleviating irritation from clothing and jewelry.


Any mole that creates cause for concern should be referred to your doctor asap.

Those immediate medical concerns for removing moles include:

  • Asymmetrical moles with diffused borders
  • Multiple colors
  • Noticeable changes in size, color or sensitivity (itching, bleeding etc)
  • Any mole larger than 6 mm (quarter inch)

Surgical Mole Removal Limitations

As with any invasive procedure there is a small risk of infection. Perfection is never guaranteed and some scarring may persist. It is also possible for moles to return in some cases.

Removing Moles By Laser

Laser mole removal (excision by cauterization) is a procedure where the mole is removed in fine layers. Generally more expensive than surgical removal, but with less scarring.


Cryogenic Mole Removal

The process can also be referred to as cryocautery. It uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the mole, destroying abnormal skin cells.

The benefits of cryotherapy include generally lower cost and is a less invasive procedure. It is not a suitable procedure for all moles, so consultation with your dermatologist is required. It may cause some localized loss of feeling through superficial nerve damage.

Some change of skin pigment may occur with this procedure.

Mole Removal Creams

Over the counter creams are available for the treatment of moles. They are generally based on organic, herbal formulas and are good for removing moles, warts and skin tags in the privacy of your own home. They can be quick acting, (a matter of days) and the process is easily repeatable if required.

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Benefits of Creams for Removing Moles

  • Cheaper than surgery
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • No surgical scarring
  • Can be done at home
  • All natural ingredients
  • Generally money back guarantee

Downsides of Creams for Removing Moles

  • Takes a few days to work
  • Not suitable for “suspect” moles – consult your dermatologist if in doubt
  • Costs up to $100 to treat multiple moles

Removing Moles Yourself

It is perfectly possible to remove moles using various “DIY” treatments, but you need to take care, especially with facial moles and never for itching or bleeding moles (unless you cut them shaving) or any moles that are causing medical concern.

The idea is to make a poultice from a range of natural ingredients found in the home, by blending natural foods such as grapefruit, garlic, potatoes, pineapple, honey, onions, and cauliflower.

Benefits of The Natural Mole Approach to Removing Moles

  • No real costs
  • Can cause little harm from such natural ingredients
  • Easily repeatable

Negatives to Home Remedy Route

  • Not guaranteed to work
  • Getting it right can be a trial and error process

Books On Removal Moles At Home

There are some good books that provide detailed instructions on using those readily available household items to remove your moles at home. They are usually written by people who have suffered from moles, warts or skin tags themselves and have experimented with the natural mole removal approach until they have found a solution that has worked for them.

Benefits of The Read About Removing Moles Approach

  • Eliminates the high cost of surgery
  • Removes the risk of post operative scarring
  • Reduces the cost of over-the-counter mole removal creams
  • Confirms which of the myriad of ingredients works best at removing moles

Bad points on going the book route to removing moles

None that I can think of, just read the reviews first to make sure the author has some personal experience and authority on the subject.

In summary, if your moles are not causing you immediate concern (if they are, please speak to your doctor) then reading more about the natural approach to removing moles is your best option.

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